Turnout: About the Dems’ highly touted GOTV ground game … and other ironic twists.

The United States Elections Project estimates that only 36.6% of eligible voters cast a ballot on Tuesday.

That’s pretty ironic since the Dems were, before the election, boasting about their predictive analytics and their unstoppable get-out-the-vote organization.

I haven’t been hearing much on the news about the GOTV machine that failed to get-out-the-vote.





So, what happened?  Here are a couple of hypotheses to ponder


* * * * *

Understandably, according to the NY Times, the Democrats “deployed prominent black elected officials and other surrogates, buttressed by sophisticated voter targeting efforts, to stoke black turnout.”

The President and First Lady made numerous campaign stops in friendly territories (think Maryland).

President Obama even implored supporters in Maryland:

“You’ve got to get your family to vote. You’ve got to get your friends to vote. You’ve got to get your co-workers to vote. You’ve got to get Cousin Pookie off the couch and away from the TV”  Source

Well,  Cousin Pookie  couldn’t be pried off the couch to the voting booth … even in Maryland where the top-of-the ticket was an Obama clone.

The President said “I’m not on the ballot, but all of the policies are”.

Maybe Pookie supports the man, but not the policies.

Maybe, just maybe, Pookie is more interested in finding a job than immigration amnesty.

You think?

* * * * *
Revenge of the Tea Party:

I haven’t heard anything about this post-election, but …

On Tuesday morning, I caught an interview with a Tea Party leader from Western Virginia.

His thinly veiled message: “The IRS stifled us in 2012, this is our chance to even the score.”

In other words , “burying the hatchet (for now) with the GOP establishment … we’re singling out the Dems, just like they singled us out.”

My view: The Tea Party was a stealth force in the election.

I’d like to see some numbers on their turnout …

* * * * *

Sure, the negative personal attack ads worked against Romney …  putting him in a hole they he never was able to crawl out of.

But, perhaps, voters who have little trust in any politicians these days have reached a breaking point.

The negative ads (from both sides) are usually gross exaggerations of points taken out of context.  Sometimes, in this cycle, they’re outright lies.

Think Begich’s ad in Alaska claiming that his opponent freed a criminal who went on to murder somebody.

Turned out that his opponent wasn’t even serving as District Attorney when the release took place,


My hypothesis: rather that shifting opinions and attracting voters, the ads are now solidifying views that all politicians are bad apples and it doesn’t really make much o a difference which scoundrels are in office.

So, why not stay home?

* * * * *
Twisted Logic:

President Obama is claiming that the low turnout vindicates him of any blame for Tuesdays election results.

How can that be?

He concedes that many of those who did vote “don’t like me very much”.

But, he argues that he and his policies are well liked by the 2/3s who stayed home instead of voting.

So, in fact, the elections demonstrate that a majority of Americans are in his camp.

Oh, really?

Just when I thought that I heard it all



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One Response to “Turnout: About the Dems’ highly touted GOTV ground game … and other ironic twists.”

  1. TTK Says:

    When you say ‘Cousin Pookie’ I assume you mean blue collar black voters? How long did you wait on line to vote? Many of them had to stand in line for hours:


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