Here’s a way to end the collegiate bowl controversies … really.

The obvious became apparent to me … really!

The answer: just go back to the future.

Stay with me on this one …




Let’s connect a couple of dots from the post-selection chit-chat and whining …


First, let me disclaim again that I’m happy … Ohio State made the cut.

So, I can be objective, right?

Dot #1: TCU and Baylor got dinged because the Big 12 doesn’t have a conference championship game to declare a clear and undebatable conference champion.

Dot #2: Somebody observed the the CFP committee should have put Oregon and Ohio State together in the Rose Bowl … reviving the tradition of a Big 10 – Pac 10 rivalry in the Rose Bowl.

Brilliant idea …  but stopped short.

Back in the good old days, the major bowls hosted conference champs from the major conferences … Orange got the Big 8 or ACC champs, Sugar got the SEC champ., Cotton got the SWC.

Note, with very few exceptions, a team had to win its conference to get slotted.

My take: the process just ended 2 games to soon.

Let the big bowls restore some traditional inter-conferences match-ups.

Gotta believe that with 6 or 8 conference champs placed, you’ve got the National Champ in there someplace …

Then, let the winners of the 4 big bowls advance to a play-off.


Ends controversy, right?

P.S.: Oh yeah, Notre Dame may need to join a conference. … too bad.


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2 Responses to “Here’s a way to end the collegiate bowl controversies … really.”

  1. mike Says:

    One correction, one comment:
    Correction: you are using the logo of the California ski resort, Sugar Bowl in your graphic (great hill BTW)

    Comment: I actually like the idea of using the BCS model + a playoff. Let the top 8 from the BCS computer compete in a tournament. I thought this was a classic example of a framing problem. If the task was to replace the BCS, then we’d miss an opportunity to have the BCS as part of the solution.

  2. John Carpenter Says:

    I love college football. I hate the BCS and the current “playoff” system and anything else that turns college football into commercial pro football. Best thing as far as I am concerned is to jettison the idea of a “uncontroversial” number 1 team and go back to the way it was before the BCS. Conference champs got to go to the big bowls. Runners up got to go to the lesser bowls. The polls were reflections of whoever created them (AP, Coaches, USA Today, computer..whatever). We could end up with different number one teams in each poll, who cares?. Everyone was entertained on the off season as the argument as to who number one “really” was. Great fun.

    As far as I can that really reflects the college environment.

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