There’s already one big winner in the College Football Playoffs …

AdAge ran an article asking “Is the College Football Playoff the Next Super Bowl?”

Answer: Maybe … and maybe not.

The article had a couple of interesting tidbit’s about the CFP’s economics.

ESPN bought exclusive broadcast rights for 12 years of the semi-final games and national championship game as part of a 12-year media rights deal announced in 2012 that reportedly cost $7.3 billion.

Now, that’s big business!



Buried deep in the article was an incidental piece of info that caught my eye … a sure-fire winner.




No, not the Ohio State Buckeyes.

So, who’s the sure fire winner?

Answer: Chick-Fil-A and the Peach Bowl


Say, what?

[Before I explain, quick, who played in the Peach Bowl last year?]

You see, the semi-final games rotate each year among 6 bowl games : the Sugar, Rose, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta and (drumroll, please) Peach Bowl.


In one fell swoop, the Peach Bowl earned (or, make that “bought”) their way out of 2nd-tier bowl status and into the big time.


And, now the answer to our trivia question: #20 Texas A&M beat #22 Duke.

Not exactly the CFP game of the year, but in pattern since there haven’t been many top1 0 teams in the Peach Bowl..


Now, the Peach Bowl is in the CFP … and, that’s a surefire win!


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2 Responses to “There’s already one big winner in the College Football Playoffs …”

  1. Derrick Walter Says:

    I was entertained by your blog post given my rabid college football fandom and rooting interest in Ohio State. The Peach Bowl, Chic-fil-A Bowl, and the Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl – yes, the bowl has held all of those names at some point – has generally been a good game, and if memory serves, I do not think there has been a higher rated non-BCS game than LSU/Clemson a few years back.

    Given the way things in college football have shaped up over the past half-decade to decade with the SEC’s dominance, the Chic-fil-A bowl has been able to secure the SEC #3 team since the SEC #1 team has gone to the national championship game while the SEC #2 has been guaranteed a spot in the Sugar Bowl. On the other side, the ACC #2 has been guaranteed a slot in the Chic-fil-A bowl while ACC #1 goes to a BCS bowl, usually the Sugar. Of course, all of this starts with the fact that the bowl game only takes SEC and ACC teams, and given that the fact that it is played in Atlanta and on New Year’s Eve, attendance is usually pretty darn good.

    So, all in all, it has been a pretty good run for the bowl and now it gets even better!

  2. jschnatz Says:

    I enjoyed reading your post, as my rooting interest for Alabama drew me to your writing about the CFP. Clearly Chick-fil-a and the Peach Bowl organizers scored a big win by becoming one of the six rotation bowls. When you stated that the Peach Bowl is, or rather was, a 2nd-tier bowl, it made me wonder which game is annually more appealing: the season-opening Chick-fil-a Kickoff game or the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl?

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