Double-whammy: Where will Liberals get their news now?

Big shake-up on TV.

First, NBC suspends news anchor Brian Williams for lying like a rug.


12 million news watchers of lose their faux-trusted source at MSNBC’s planet ship.



Then, the 2nd shoe fell …


Comedy Central announced that Jon Stewart, the longtime host of “The Daily Show,” will step down later this year after more than 16 years of roasting Conservatives.

What does Stewart’s departure have to do with the news?


According to a Pew Research poll. 21 percent of people aged 18 to 29 cited “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” as a place where they regularly learned news.

Want more, check this:


Note that Stewart’s 3rd and Colbert’s  5th in the category …  “Cable News”.

Oh my.

Brian’s gone.

Jon’s gone.

Viva SNL.



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3 Responses to “Double-whammy: Where will Liberals get their news now?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    It appears to me that there is no “news” at all in any of the 12 top shows on your list and possible not any real news on the list at all. Since the days of Dan Rather where he insisted cameramen keep the camera on him rather than panning to the actual news, the “news” people on the major news networks have been nothing more than actors. The latest problem with Williams and the fact that comedy is considered news points out the emphasis is on the show, not the content.

    When was the last time anyone could expect unbiased news on TV? Maybe when Walter Cronkite was around. US news has deteriorated to a point where politics, short skirts, and splashy graphics are the most important aspects of the nightly news. NBC’s lead news guy lies. Comedy is news now. Guys yelling at each other across a desk..different topic each night, same guys…. is news now. Fox is owned by an individual known to violate laws and to interject strong political bias into the presentation. CNN has repeatedly got it wrong by trying to get the “news” out 30 seconds faster than Fox. And they are all trying their best to get the “News Babes” to show more leg. (Have you seen where they place the women on the “The Five” show). It is a joke so why not group it with comedy?

    Thankfully there is a lot of stuff on the Internet. We no longer have to rely on TV shows for news. And major newspapers are still nominally believable…kind of. You can stay informed in this age of information but, ironically, you have to really work at it.

  2. Mike Says:

    Say what you will about JS – a 2008 Pew study found that viewers of The Daily Show were most likely to score in the highest percentile on knowledge of current affairs. Was he liberal, sure. Was he pithy, intelligent and often delivering a better analysis than anybody else on TV, absolutely IMO. I’ll miss his contribution to my media mix.

    Pew Study:

  3. John Carpenter Says:

    Oh…don’t get me wrong. I really like JS, and Colbert too. And I agree, some interesting perspective and interesting guests. I don’t expect to get the full story from either of them but I will miss JS. Best thing about them is they don’t try and then fail to come of as analytical and unbiased like the news networks do. They know they are poking fun.

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