So, is it ok for the NSA to surveil @ClintonEmail?

OK, time to weigh in on Hillary going off the grid while Secretary of State …


Interesting article in the DailySignal – a right-leaning organization …

Basic conclusion: Hillary’s not alone …lots of government employees use personal email accounts to transact government business.

To be more precise – the survey says – about 1/3 of government employees conduct some or all of their government business.


So, why is it a problem Hillary did it, too?  Shouldn’t she get a pass since so many other government employees do the same?

Here’s why not …


First, Madame Clinton wasn’t just an ordinary civil servant … geez, she was Secretary of State

Second, there’s a presumption of guilt … anybody with an IQ over 50 knows that she was (and is) hiding stuff that is either embarrassing or criminal.  Does anybody really believe that she was just swapping recipes and jokes?

Third, related to point #2, she stonewalled the Independent Review Board that “investigated” Benghazu … and, continues to stonewall the Congressional Select Committee

So, what would I do?


First, I’d dispatch the NSA cyber-sleuths to rip apart the Clinton server.  After all, Ms. Clinton – a private account user —  is entitled to the same snooping that our Gmail accounts get, right?

Second, if the NSA snoops found anything classified on the Clinton server, I’d do a “Petraeus” on her.

My take: Storing classified material off-the-grid on a hacker-magnet server is at least as bad as leaving a couple of notebooks with your mistress.

What am I missing?



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