Why is gas cheaper in New Jersey?

I’ve always wondered that … especially since NJ is the only place on Planet Earth that won’t let you self-pump your own gas.


Gotta wait for the attendant to notice you’re there and do it for you.



Of course, the attendants don’t look like the guy in the picture.


They all look like folks who should be reported to Homeland Security.

My point: having attendants should push gas prices up, right?

A common hypothesis is that there are a lot of gas storage facilities along I-95.

Cheaper supply?

That doesn’t square since there isn’t much gas drilled in the local area.

OK, so what is it?

I may have stumbled on the answer …



The Tax Foundation just published its annual tax facts book.

One chart caught my eye:



NJ is second behind Alaska for lowest state & local taxes on gasoline.

NJ is about 15cents lower than the national average and a whopping 30 cents a gallon lower than neighboring NY and PA (55 cents / gal.).

Of course, NJ residents pay their dues when income tax time rolls around.

So many out-of-staters travel up the I-95 corridor that I wonder why NJ doesn’t hit them harder with gas taxes and lighten the income tax load?

Oh well, not my problem



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