Which states do people view most (and least) favorably?

YouGov ran a poll asking a national sample which states were viewed favorably … and which were viewed unfavorably.

Then, they ranked states based on the net difference between favorable and unfavorable views.

The winner: sunny paradise Hawaii.



Interestingly, the rest of the top 10 is dominated by northern and mountain states.

Guess which state has the lowest favorability rating …


According to the YouGov poll, New Jersey is dead last … the only state “underwater” with more unfavorable than favorable votes.


The popular image of New Jersey often falls somewhere between the MTV show Jersey Shore, HBO’s award winning mafia drama The Sopranos and the chemical plants and gray industrial landscape stretched along I-95 that inspired much of the work of Bruce Springsteen.

More specifically, according to the poll, when it comes to how people in New Jersey live their lives, a few things are particularly true of New Jerseyans compared to all Americans as a whole:

People in New Jersey are unusually likely to take a hardnosed attitude towards life.

They are unusually likely to say that they ‘seek out challenging situations’.

They are willing to sacrifice their leisure time in order to get ahead in their career.

They enjoying going out drinking in bars.

Their friends are ‘more important’ to them than their family.

The typical NJ response to the poll?

Ah, fogetaboutit.


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