What percentage of women keep their maiden name when they get married?

According to a Google Consumer Survey reported in the NY Times

Just over 1 in 5 first-marriage brides keep their maiden names rather than take their hubby’s surname.

The trend has been slowly inching up for the past couple of decades.



What’s driving the trend?


In the 1970’s their was a feminism-induced uptick.

But, current trends are driven more by practicality.

First is the hassle factor.

First, many women are marrying at an older age, after they’ve established themselves in careers and racked up some accomplishments.

A name-change might be confusing to professional contacts … so, some even go both ways, keeping their maiden name at work and using their hubby’s name at home.

Second, it’s a pain to go through the process with the various government agencies.

Some women say they just don’t want to go thru the aggravation of changing their name.

Understandable since only 1 in 2 marriages survive.

Who wants to go through the process twice?


Interesting factoid: women married in Catholic churches are twice as likely to take their hubby’s surname as women marrying in a Jewish ceremony


The 8 in 10 women who do change their names say they do so because it demonstrates stronger commitment to the marriage and makes life less confusing for kids.

My take: Why not pick the best surname from the groom’s and bride’s? My daughters-in-law’s names were Johnson and Walter.  I would have understood if they had shies away from Homa …  but they didn’t, bless their hearts.



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