Quick: Has any 3rd party presidential candidate ever won any electoral votes?

Lots of chatter around whether Trump (or Sanders) will run as 3rd party candidates.

Pundits are unanimous that a Trump 3rd party run would doom the GOP and hand the election to Hillary (presuming that she’s not in jail).

I’m not so sure.

In the next couple of posts, I’ll build to a scenario that has Trump running as a 3rd party candidate, but the GOP nominee getting the keys to the White House (<= note how I strained to avoid using the word “winning”).



Let’s put the first puzzle piece in place and answer the question:

Has any 3rd party presidential candidate ever won any electoral votes?


The answer: Sure, many have …. mostly long ago.

The most recent one?

No, not Ross Perot.

He garnered almost 19% of the popular vote, … but no electoral votes.

The most recent electoral vote winner was Alabama Governor George Wallace who won 46 electoral votes in 1968.

Wallace received almost 10 million votes (13.5% of the popular vote) … and is generally credited with breaking the Democrats lockhold on Southern states, and boosting Nixon to victory over Humphrey.


Takeaway: It’s rare, but sometimes happens.



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