Daily Mail: “Chelsea takes the plunge” >>>

WARNING: Disturbing Content

We’re temporarily suspending the HomaFiles usually high editorial standards … this is a story that must be told.


Earlier this week, the UK’s Daily Mail led it’s coverage with the following story:



The article has so many angles that it’s a ‘must view to believe ” …



Remember the the infamous topless photos of Kate Middleton a couple of years ago?

Well, stepping up the game the DM got their paws on a  picture portfolio of Chelsea in a “mismatched bikini”.



The pictures were the “tease” that got readers into the story.

It’s the content that packs the whammy!


Some excerpts from the “reporting”

Baby Charlotte, who turns one year old next month, was no where to be seen as her parents enjoyed the summer outing.

Think Grandma Hil-Rod was watching the grandchild that she now incessantly speaks about?


Clinton may have been fundraising for her mother’s campaign over the weekend, as Diller is a outspoken supporter of the Democratic party and contributed $40,000 to President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

Diller, who is worth an estimated $2.6billion, is also the chairman of IAC/InterActiveCorp, a media company which counts the young Clinton as a board member.

Diller’s wife, von Furstenberg, is New York-based fashion designer who made her breakout in the industry with her iconic wrap dress.

Von Furstenberg is also a staunch supporter of the Democratic party, and once said that she doesn’t want any Republicans shopping in her stores.

Think these top 1% of the 1% were talking about how to fight for the middle-class?


In a week, Clinton, Mezvinsky and their daughter will be joining Chelsea’s parents, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, for a vacation in the Hamptons.

Bill and Hillary will head to the Hamptons , and their daughter and son-in-law with meet them as they spend two weeks in the ritzy seaside town of Amagansett.

As a loyal HomaFiles’ reader opined, the headline should have read:

“Unemployed daughter of public servants takes lavish trip to Sardinia to prepare for a two-week vacation in the Hamptons“


If you need a chuckle today, just speed-read some of the photo captions.

Some of my favorites:

  • The couple wrapped themselves in towels after swimming and sported sunglasses to block their eyes from the bright sun” … stop the presses!
  • “The couple was no doubt missing their baby girl on their active day out” … huh?
  • The nautical stripes of Clinton’s mismatched bikini.  The solid white shirt seemed to match her striped bikini bottoms” … probably coached by von Furstenberg, but doesn’t white go with everything?
  • “When the boat was parked, one passenger organized where to put the ladder used to get in and out of the water” … thank God that somebody took control of the situation.
  • “She spent time on the back of the boat, absorbing sun rays, but likely had to put on plenty of sunscreen to protect her skin in the bright sun” …  just protecting the family jewels, I guess.
  • “The boat had enough seating area for each passenger” … Juno detail is too small

Is there a special Pulitzer Prize for photo=captioning?.


Seriously, though …

I think this was a Trojan Horse article.

Notice how the story has randomly sprinkled tidbits about Clinton’s email scandal.

If the headline had been “Hillary under FBI investigation”, most people – especially left-leaners — would have clicked past the story.

But, who can pass on shots of Chelsea in a bikini?

Clever move by the Daily Mail to expose readers to Hillary’s private-server-in-the-bathroom scandal.


Read full article

P.S. Be sure to read the readers’ comments … they’re a hoot.




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