Trump: Inspired by the 1972 Cuban Olympic boxing team?

Since the 2nd GOP presidential debate is tonite, I thought it would be timely to reprise a post from a couple of weeks ago.

Read it, … and keep it in mind when the contenders spar tonite.


Many of you may be too young to have witnessed and remember, but…

In the 1972 Olympics, the polished U.S. boxing team was predicted to sweep the competition.

But, something happened on the way to the medals’ platform that shocked the sporting world.



Here’s the story and why Trump jogged my memory of the 1972 Olympics …


Led by heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson, the Cubans came out of nowhere to become the first team in Olympic boxing history to win 5 gold medals. The Soviet Union finished 2nd with 2 gold medals. The U.S. was 6th  with 1 gold and 3 bronze. Source

What was the secret to the Cubans success?


Queenberry Rules … Not!

The U.S. boxers were classically “scientific” … they bobbed and weaved … threw jabs and punches …. boxed like gentlemen adhering to the Queensberry rules — a code of generally accepted behavior in the ring.

The Cubans, though, didn’t exactly buy-in to the Queensberry conventions.

They were more like bar room brawlers.

When the bell rang, they would just bull-rush their opponents and start flailing away.

Opponents were caught like deer in headlights.

They were used to fighting conventional opponents in a disciplined way.

Their disciplined techniques didn’t work against the Cuban bulls.

Most commentators thought that the Cubans would fade in the medal rounds when they met the superbly skilled and masterfully trained U.S. team.

Not so.

Even the Americans were flummoxed by the Cubans’ unconventional style.

Sound like Donald Trump running for President?


Psychological Warfare

Legendary Cuban boxing coach Alcides Sagarra says:

Boxing is well suited to the Cuban character.

We are brave and resolute.

We have strong convictions and clear definition.

We are pugnacious and we like to fight.


Former WBO heavyweight champ Michael Bentt observes:

Cuban fighters smell fear in their opponents.

If they can intimidate you, they’ve got you.

They psychologically steamroll guys.


Remind you of anyone?

Sorry, Folks, Donald Trump Is for Real

Not my words … they’re written by left-leaning Mike Banicle in the Daily Beast.

According to Barnicle, the secret to Trump’s popularity is simple and authentic:

Donald is accessible.

He isn’t surrounded by a flying squadron of handlers and public relations hacks.

He will answer any question posed to him and his replies are offered without fear of controversy because a big part of being Trump means you simply do not care what people think about what you just said.

He says a lot of outrageous things along with some truly absurd things.

But when you throw his nouns, verbs, adjectives, accusations, and attacks into the home blender you come up with a heaping glass full of the frustration cocktail Americans have been served over the past decade:

  • Wars that don’t end
  • A Congress that doesn’t work
  • Paychecks that don’t grow
  • Take-home pay that never increases
  • Bridges and roads that need to be rebuilt
  • Public schools where the emphasis is on testing at the expense of thinking.

Donald is scratching your sore.

The 1 percent Trump rails about endlessly is the 1 percent who sit in the House and the Senate [and the White House].

They are “the morons” he claims that are incapable of getting anything done.

Viva el Donaldo!



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