Polar Opposites: I’m OK, but I’m not so sure about you …

Since the political  environment is heating up for the Presidential race …

Here’s an interesting infographic from Pew calibrating something that everybody knows …

Democrats are becoming more liberal Republicans are getting more conservative … and the moderate middle-ground between the parties is getting smaller, and smaller and smaller …




About 40% of Democrats think that Republicans are destroying the country … and, about 40% of Republicans think that Democrats are destroying the country.

Here’s the finding that I found most interesting …



“Three-out-of-ten (30%) consistent conservatives say they would be unhappy if an immediate family member married a Democrat and about a quarter (23%) of across-the-board liberals say the same about the prospect of a Republican in-law.”

Maybe that’s simply because of living preferences.

“The differences between right and left go beyond disagreements over politics, friends and neighbors.

If they could choose anywhere to live, three-quarters of consistent conservatives prefer a community where “the houses are larger and farther apart, but schools, stores, and restaurants are several miles away.”

The preferences of consistent liberals are almost the exact inverse, with 77% saying they’d chose to live where “the houses are smaller and closer to each other, but schools, stores, and restaurants are within walking distance.”





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