Let’s build a cabinet ….

During this week’s GOP debate, the obvious became clear to me.

Like many (most?) people, I have trouble envisioning any of the candidates sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office (or standing at a podium in front of the desk).

But, there’s premium lemonade that can be squeezed from the cast of characters.




Specifically, if these boys and girl can modify their behavior to swallow their egos and play nice-nice with one another, I think a powerful cabinet can be put together .

Here’s the team I’d put on the field …


Let’s start with the most obvious choice:

Secretary of HHS: Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson first became a household name when he schooled  President Obama on health care reform at a prayer breakfast.

Imagine if a real doctor – and, perhaps, the brainiest candidate – took charge of “repealing & replacing” ObamaCare.

Crafting the blueprint for a hyper-effective health care system.

Carson knows the business, can out think adversaries and likely has the support of medical professionals across the country.


Secretary of Commerce: Ms. Carly Fiorina

She knows tech and she knows business development.

She can read a P&L and connect with CEOs.

She says she has cultivated business relationships around the world.

Let’s capitalize on her claimed network and her bulldog aggressiveness.


Secretary of State: Senator Marco Rubio

I’m on record predicting an eventual Rubio – Fiorina ticket.

But, that’s boring, so let’s think out of the box.

Rubio seems to know the international issues better than any other candidate.

Sure, he plays young, but I think the kid has both charisma and street sense.

I don’t think that he would  invite James Taylor to terrorist damage sites.

I can imagine him as the face of the U.S. outside the country.


Attorney General: Governor Chris Christie

I wasn’t an Eric Holder fan and Loretta Lynch lost me when she – immediately after the San Bernadino massacre – said that her priority would be prosecuting people who say mean things about terrorists and their common origins.

Say, what?

I buy Christie’s riff about his experience prosecuting terrorists after 9/11.

The guy has a fire burning in his big belly.

I’d sleep better knowing that he was leading the chase against the bad guys.

Our national priority wouldn’t be promoting sweet-talking, it would be rolling the cold-blooded murderers.


Vice President: Governor John Kasich

Gotta admit, the guy is a bit of a loose cannon and that makes be a bit nervous.

But, I think the country needs an effective COO (Chief Operating Officer) …. somebody who knows how the government works …. and has the experience and skills to make things happen in a messy, polarized environment.

Kasich is right … when there’s smoke in the cabin, I want somebody who knows how to land the plane.

But, I want him in the co-pilot’s seat … not the pilot’s.


I’d fill other cabinets posts (e.g. DOD, Treasury, Education) from outside of the current candidate pool.

And. you probably noticed that a few candidates aren’t named on the above lists.

So now, the big question … who goes at the top of the ticket?

On Monday, I’ll reveal my choice to run this team.

My bet: you’ll be surprised … and, when you read my rationale, you’ll say “of course, why didn’t I think of that?”

Stay tuned.



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