He finally said “ISIS” …

A couple of weeks, we posted: Why does he persist in calling it “ISIL”?

The central observation was that EVERYBODY else (including the Washington Post and New York Times) called the terrorist group ISIS, but Obama continued to use the more arcane term ISIL

According to  Wiki :

“The usage of the term “Levant” has been relegated to  academia in the fields of archeology and literature, but there is a recent attempt to reclaim the notion of the Levant as a category of analysis in political and social sciences.”

For a detailed explanation of the nuanced differences, see ISIS, ISIL,Islamic State, etc.

We asked “Why?” … and hypothesized that the President was playing a card right out of the “Power Personna” playbook.

Rule #3: Establish superiority through language, e.g.

“I’m way smarter than you are, so I’ll call it ISIL (especially since you don’t call it that and you’re stupid)”

Well, well, well …

At his press conference last Friday, President Obama finally broke down and called the terrorist group ISIS.



Let’s recount the bidding ….

The HomaFiles takes the President to task for using arcane academic language to appear superior to the masses.

Days later, the self-proclaimed ‘gifted’ orator changes course and starts talking like all of rest of us folks … blurting out the phrase ISIS.


What’s next “Radical Islamic Terrorists”?



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