My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership.

Last week, I built a partial Cabinet from the current cast of GOP Presidential candidates.

HHS – Dr. Ben Carson

Commerce – Ms. Carly Fiorina

State – Sen. Marco Rubio

Justice (AG) – Gov. Chris Christie

V.P. – Gov. John Kasich

For details & rational, See Let’s build a cabinet ….

OK, I’m ready to declare my pick for the top spot.

It’s a long-shot, especially since he’s not a declared candidate.

But I can dream, can’t I ?

I hoping that since the current field – on both sides – doesn’t have a president-ready candidate, that this guy will ride in on a white horse … or, be dragged in …. I don’t really care.




Here’s his top line bio:

Education: William & Mary, University of Chicago Law School (doubt that he studied under Prof. Obama)

Gov’t experience: DOJ under both GOP and Dem administrations

Business experience: Worked in both the defense sector and the financial sector (not just a political hack)

Proven track record: Has been demonstrably successful in everything he has done

High Integrity: Consistently praised by both ends of the political spectrum  — not for being bi-partisan, but for being non-partisan

Apolitical: He’s clearly “in the game” for the right reasons – to serve the country and its people.

Independent: Earned enough FU-money in his real world jobs that he can’t be bought or swayed.

Orientation: “Gets it” regarding the war on terror … realistic, aggressive

Strong leadership: When the guy talks, I think he’s telling the truth and glad that he’s got a hand on the tiller (think, the polar opposite to Obama’s speech after San Bernardino.)


Pretty solid, right?

So, who’s my pick?



FBI Director James Comey


Seriously, can you think of anybody that you’d rather have leading the country for the next 8 years?

Would you rather have Comey … or Trump, Hillary, or the rest of the clunkers who are running?

Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any pundits float his name … strikes me as a pretty obvious choice.


Of course, there are a couple stumbling blocks …

First, he’s not running and probably isn’t susceptible to a draft.

Second, for the next year, I’d rather have him fighting domestic terrorists than campaigning.

Third, who’d replace him at the FBI?

Still, I ask: Is the anybody that you’d rather have as President?

Think about it …



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3 Responses to “My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership.”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    An interesting choice. I’ll wait to see how he reports on Hillary’s behavior. Does it really take this long to determine whether she’s broken any laws? Lying about Benghazi? Her personal email server? The Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., etc.. etc., etc? Is Comey really independent? I think we have to wait and see before considering him for the presidency. Let’s see what he does with his current job – and whether he’ll cave to Loretta Lynch who’ll most likely give Hillary a pass – whatever nefarious skulduggery she’s been up to. If Lynch surprises us and nails Hillary maybe she should keep her job in 2017. We all have to stay tuned …….

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I guess we all know where Comey stands now. He is complicit in the whole sordid mess. He made a political call when it wasn’t is place to decide guilt or innocence – he just had to collect the facts and present them to the AG. He swore on a Bible to uphold the law. That meant he had to make the case and present it to the AG. Let her be the obvious compromised political hack if she refused to indict. He didn’t do that and both Hillary and Loretta Lynch are off the hook. Giuliani says another AG could still take up the case. If so, that’s one more reason to vote for Trump.

  3. Geez, who can I have faith in? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] See My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership. […]

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