Blizzard Special: The best commercial ever.

First, a good news story.

After about 5 hours of snow blowing & shoveling (12 hours if you count yesterday, too), I finally got to the heap of snow left by the snow plows at the bottom of our driveway.

I hacked away at for quite awhile and then … you guessed it … the plow came back and deposited another a new gargantuan pile of snow, re-blocking the driveway



Believe it or not, I was able to just laugh it off … and, the Lord rewarded me.

A couple of minutes later, the plow returned … the driver honked for me to back away … then proceeded to maneuver his plow like a sports car … totally removing the pile he had previously deposited.

He honked and waved.

I gave him a thumbs up … my faith in mankind temporarily restored.


Of course, the incident reminded of my pick for the best commercial ever …


For old-timers, this is sure to bring back memories.

For younger folks, it’s a classic that’ll come to mind every time that you see a snowplow.


 click to view



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