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“I’m a security monitor”

January 23, 2019

An oft repeated  Dem talking point is that walls don’t work.

When they’re confronted with the success rates of the many walls securing borders around the world, they shift to “but there are more cost-effective methods.”

What are these more effective methods?

As best I can tell, it’s throwing human capital at the problem (think: more border agents) … or enhanced electronic surveillance  (think: drones).

Whenever you hear the latter argument, do what I do: recall the Lifelock commercial “Bank”.

When armed robbers rush into a bank, the scared customers implore the security guard to do something.

He informs them that he’s no a “security guard” … he’s simply a powerless “security monitor”.

View the clip to refresh your memory … then recall the imagery every time you hear the phrase “methods more efficient than walls”.

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Blizzard Special: The best commercial ever.

January 25, 2016

First, a good news story.

After about 5 hours of snow blowing & shoveling (12 hours if you count yesterday, too), I finally got to the heap of snow left by the snow plows at the bottom of our driveway.

I hacked away at for quite awhile and then … you guessed it … the plow came back and deposited another a new gargantuan pile of snow, re-blocking the driveway



Believe it or not, I was able to just laugh it off … and, the Lord rewarded me.

A couple of minutes later, the plow returned … the driver honked for me to back away … then proceeded to maneuver his plow like a sports car … totally removing the pile he had previously deposited.

He honked and waved.

I gave him a thumbs up … my faith in mankind temporarily restored.


Of course, the incident reminded of my pick for the best commercial ever …


Maybe, the best commercial ever … n’est-ce pas?

March 11, 2014

Have you seen the new Cadillac commercial?

At several levels, I think it’s a great ad.

At a broad level, it’s creating an incredible level of buzz.

As AdAge puts it:

Fans on the political right see . . . an unapologetic ode to American values.

Critics on the political left see it as Ugly American chest thumping at its worst.

What’s got folks so stirred up?

Here’s the ad’s punch line:

“We’re crazy, driven, hard-working believers. . . . . You work hard. You create your own luck.

And you’ve gotta believe anything is possible.

As for all the stuff?

That’s the upside of only taking two weeks off in August, n’est ce pas?”

Crass ugly American materialism … or the American Dream?

Watch the commercial and draw your own conclusion.

One of my favorite reactions was from a “Manhattan brand consultant” who quipped:

The spot is well-done but philosophically odious.

The surprising thing strategically is that they would choose to play to their base instead of trying to expand it.

Say, what?

First, what’s odious about reaping some benefits from hard work ?

Sure, it’s ironic that the commercial is coming from Government Motors … but should the company be touting the progressive mantra “liberation from work” ?

I don’t think so.

Re: “playing to the base” …

I thought Cadillac’s base was NFL-NBA players and urban-based chemical distributors.

Who else rolls in Sclades ?

Note: I probably shouldn’t generalize from personal experience, but an NFL player lives a mile or two from our house.  During the season, there are always 12 or more black Escalades parked in his circular drive.  Place looks like a Caddy showroom.

They are trying to “expand the base”.

The Caddy ad caught my attention ….

…. just like C.C. Catch did in the 80s with her hit “In the Backside of Your Cadillac”

I may go car shopping this evening …