They didn’t get Michelle O’s memo on hopelessness …

Majority of Americans expect 2017 to be better than 2016.


FLOTUS Michelle Obama chatted with slimmed-down Oprah recently, lauding her hubbies accomplishments (and fretting that the era of hope & change is ending, replaced by pervasive (and justified) melancholy.

She asserted that her husband had succeeded in keeping his campaign promise of fostering hope.

And, she opined: “The U.S. is entering a time of hopelessness  We are feeling what not having hope feels like. We can feel the difference now.”


Worry not, Michelle.

Polling firm GFK conducted a survey for the AP that asked people how 2016 was for them personally and what their expectations are for 2017.

Here’s what they found …


First, how do folks think that 2016 turned out for them ?

Well, about half thought that there wasn’t much difference between 2015 and 2016 … the other half split pretty evenly between better and worse.



Looking ahead, the vast majority expect some kind of change in 2017 … only 25% expect 2017 to be about the same as 2016.

And, the good news: 55% expect 2017 to be better than 2016 … only 19% expect 2017 to be worse than 2016.



Isn’t exactly what I’d call “feeling what not having hope feels like.”



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