Trump: “I got shlonged, eh?”

Ok, he didn;t say it (but he should have).

And, Hillary didn’t say it (but she could have).

And the NY tabloids didn’t say  it (a missed opportunity).

The NY Daily News did demonstrate some good old NY values in their headline today:



And, in my opinion, the NY Post hit the nail on the head:


Couple of quick takes:

Conventional wisdom was that Cruz blew it with his “New York values” remark … especially when Trump cleverly tied it to 9-11.

It wasn’t about 9-11, it was about pushy arrogance …  you know, bullying … the “we’re smart, rest of America is dumb” bravado.

Geez, the mainstream media missed that one …. but the dumb folks in Iowa picked up on it.


Then there’s the sophomoric “born in Canada” rift.

Trump probably figured that slight would work … after all, he killed Bush by simply characterizing him as” low energy’ … being born in Canada has got to be worse than that, right?


Speaking of Bush … here’s a grand irony.

Trump buried any hopes Jeb had to become President.

So, what does Jeb do?

He spends 10s of millions of dollars trying to scorch Rubio.

What’s the outcome?

Well, the attack ads were probably just enough to keep Marco from beating Trump out for the #2 finish.

If Trump had finished 3rd, it might have been fatal to his “I’m a winner” campaign pitch.

But, as 1st runner-up, he lives to campaign another day.

So, it may turn out that Jeb was a king-maker … with the crown going to his nemesis.

Ironic, right?



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