About those late night emails …

A couple of weeks ago, there was a local bruhaha.

One lady sent a snitty email late at night to a club mailing list.

One of the recipients – who had been sipping wine all night – took offense, and shot back a nuclear-rated reply… to the whole list, of course.

A major cat-fight broke out … wasn’t pretty.

.Got me thinking more generally about about late night emails …



And, by coincidence, the Harvard Business Review just published an article on the topic.


According to HBR:

After-hours emails chip away at creativity, innovation, and true productivity.


When somebody gets a  late night emails, they think a late night response is required — or that they’ll impress the sender if they respond immediately.

So, the recipients lose their cognitive downtime and it hurts results.

When employees are constantly monitoring their email after work hours — whether this is due to a fear of missing something from the boss  or because they are addicted to their devices — they are missing out on essential down time that brains need.

Experiments have shown that to deliver our best work, we require downtime.

Time away produces new ideas and fresh insights. But your employees can never disconnect when they’re always reaching for their devices to see if you’ve emailed.

Bottom line: Put it away …



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