A couple of post-New Hampshire snapshots…

Cruz, Bush & Rubio were only separated by about 1 percentage point and each of the 3 walked away with the same number of delegates.

Kamikaze Christie trailed Rubio by more than 3 percentage points and headed back to NJ with no delegates …



Bernie Sanders shot some hoops before his victory speech.


Whatever Bernie eats, I want some.

That dude has stamina ….


And, a couple of pics that sum up the final election ….



Question: Which would make the more ‘appealing’ First Family?



Easy call, right?

That’s gotta be worth some votes.



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One Response to “A couple of post-New Hampshire snapshots…”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    LOL…but there is certainly no guarantee that Trump’s current first lady candidate will be the one he has if he is elected, or even if he isn’t elected.

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