Hillary gets shlonged (again) …

Talk about about a smackdown …

Clinton camp was hoping to keep the margin within single-digits … didn’t happen.

New Hampshire voters were feelin’ the Bern, for sure.

Ranting more credibly against Wall Street’s 1-percenters and offering even more stuff for free than Hillary, Sanders coasted.



Here are a couple of voting details that caught my eye …


Majority of New Hampshire women are going to that special place in hell

Hillary was overheard asking: “Who invited Madeleine Albright?”





Liar, liar … pants suit on fire.

I guess you can’t convince somebody that you’re not a liar by, err, lieing to them



Hard to be credible on income inequality when you’re doing Wall St. speeches for $675,000 a pop.



Who’s Bill Clinton? Youngsters were born after his reign.

Memo to Hillary: You’re not cool, Chelsea’s not cool, and Bill isn’t sexy any more.



HIllary says: “Don’t fret, demographics are better in South Carolina”

Memo to Hillary: You’d better hope that Bernie doesn’t ask  her demographically dependable voters the classic question: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”.

By the way, if Bernie doesn’t, The Donald will …



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