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How to rake in $1 million per year during retirement …

September 13, 2016

Answer: Get elected President … and, you only need to serve one term (maybe less)


Politico ran a story last week, alleging that Bill Clinton used taxpayer money to stake Hillary’s homebrew server.

Frankly, I found that revelation to be very uninteresting.

What caught my eye is the retirement package that Presidents get … more than $1 million per year for life in comp & benefits.


Here’s the scoop …


Bubba turns on Comey … Congress gives Comey a chance to strike back.

August 17, 2016

Over the weekend, former President Bill (Bubba) Clinton lashed out at FBI Director James Comey.

You may remember that Comey laid out the evidence against Hillary … and then let her walk.

Righties were displeased because of Comey’s illogic: The conclusion didn’t follow from the premises.

Lefties simply dispute premises … since they reveal Hillary to be a boldface liar.

Hubby summed it up: “Comey is full of bull …)


Former President calling out the current FBI Director … who gave his wife a stay-out-of-jail free card.

My question: will Comey take that lying down?

NY Post

He doesn’t have to … Congress just provided Comey with an opportunity to rehabilitate his cred as a straight arrow.


AG Lynch: “Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is …”

July 5, 2016

A lesson in word parsification.


OK, AG Lynch didn’t parse the word “is” … Bill Clinton did.

And, he didn’t parse it during his private plane chat with AG Loretta Lynch.

After all,  she said that their conversation was “primarily about grandchildren and golf.”




Today’s lesson is on how to say nothing by parsing your words ….


Hillary gets shlonged (again) …

February 10, 2016

Talk about about a smackdown …

Clinton camp was hoping to keep the margin within single-digits … didn’t happen.

New Hampshire voters were feelin’ the Bern, for sure.

Ranting more credibly against Wall Street’s 1-percenters and offering even more stuff for free than Hillary, Sanders coasted.



Here are a couple of voting details that caught my eye …