AG Lynch: “Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is …”

A lesson in word parsification.


OK, AG Lynch didn’t parse the word “is” … Bill Clinton did.

And, he didn’t parse it during his private plane chat with AG Loretta Lynch.

After all,  she said that their conversation was “primarily about grandchildren and golf.”




Today’s lesson is on how to say nothing by parsing your words ….


Let’s start with “primarily about grandchildren and golf.”


Doesn’t that mean “not entirely”?

What other topics were covered?

Hmmm …


AG Lynch later clarified by asserting that the conversation avoided “any direct references to the FBI investigations”.

“Direct” ?

What about “indirect”?

Say, what if Pres. Clinton  was one of the “Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton” who …  as the NY Times reports, “say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general”.

Would you call that “direct” or “indirect”?


Not to worry, AG Lynch says that she will “accept the FBI recommendations”

Later she watered that down to “accept the recommendations of the FBI and the career prosecutors in the DOJ”.

Still later, she added: “But, I retain the authority to make the final decision”.

Say, what?

I’m supposed to “accept” a package from UPS today.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll keep the pants … or ever wear them.

I still retain the authority to make that decision, right?


Finally, shifting off AG Lynch …

After Hillary met with the FBI (you heard about that, right?), the mainstream media headlined:

Lawyers agree that Secretary Clinton won’t be indicted”.


Even they – whoever “they” are – don’t say “There isn’t probable cause that Secretary Clinton isn’t guilty”.

Nope, they say “won’t be indicted”.

Hmmm, again.


My take on the indictment question:

I’m a wavering Comey fan.

I know his rep as being apolitical.

But, I’m betting the under re: indictment.

I expect Comey to pull a John Roberts (“ObamaCare is a tax, even if they say it isn’t”) … throw the facts aside … throw the FBI (and his reputation) under the political bus.

He’ll say that Hillary knowingly violated Government policy but that there is insufficient direct evidence to convict her of violating the law.

Watch for the words “policy” (versus “statute” or “law”) … and for my Clintonian favorite “direct evidence”



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One Response to “AG Lynch: “Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is …””

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    What’s the meaning of the word “corrupt”? I think we’ve just seen that the Comey’s FBI has joined the forces of depravity that characterize this administration. A friend said this weekend that he was scared of Trump. I’m scared of anyone who voted for Obama the second time and would even consider voting for Hillary. In spite of his faults Trump is this country’s only hope. If he delivers half of what he’s promising we’ll be better off than the future with 100% of what Hillary has in store.

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