Tainted donkey meat … say, what?

Believe it or not, this topic came up in a chat with students … so, I decided to reprise it. 


Business Week ran an article titled “Keeping the Mystery Out of China’s Meat”

Can’t explain why I decided to read it.



But, I did … and here’s what caught my eye.


China has food safety rules …but not all suppliers in China understand and follow them.

Walmart has learned that lesson repeatedly on the Chinese mainland, most recently when authorities earlier this year said meat sold as donkey at its Chinese stores contained fox DNA, triggering a recall by  retailer.

That stopped me in my tracks.

First, who the hell eats donkeys ???

Maybe my wife is right and I’m a picky eater … but, donkey meat ? … gimme a break — that’s gross.

Second, I’m no butcher, but wouldn’t fox be an upgrade from donkey?

I’d think a sprinkling of fox meat would enhance the offering.

Finally, I just can’t resist …

Tainted donkey meat?

Maybe Walmart has debunked a centuries old maxim passed from guy-to-guy in locker rooms around the world.

Maybe  there is there is such a thing as a bad piece of …

Oh, you know how it goes.


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2 Responses to “Tainted donkey meat … say, what?”

  1. Mike Says:

    I would have thought that a conservative such as you would relish in eating donkey meat ;-)

  2. Robert A Heflin Says:

    It’s Da Cuz- that’s one reason why when I travel to China I eat seafood

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