Somebody, please explain Hillary’s firewall to me …

OK, Hillary has a firewall against the Bern in South Carolina because of that state’s Black & Hispanic populations.

Her popularity with Blacks is part historical for Democrats, part a residual from Bill Clinton and part from President Obama’s 90% approval rating among Blacks:

Source: Gallup


I get that.

And, I hear Hillary & Bernie ranting about income inequality, implying that it’s all the Republican’s fault.

They seem to be forgetting that President Obama has been riding herd on the economy for 7-1/2 years.

Yes, he inherited the “worst recession since the Depression”, but look what has happened since the recession ended.

Median household income for Whites has pretty much leveled out.

But, median household income for Blacks has continued to fall off.

In fact, the median household income gap between Blacks & Whites has widened since the end of the recession under President Obama’s watch.


Source: CNBC


So tell me, why the sky-high approval rating and Hillary’s firewall?

I must be missing something.



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