GOP: David vs. Goliath … let the games begin.

First, the disclaimers: I’m pro-Marco.

I admire Trump’s success (even if he did get an inheritance boost) …  I think that he’s entertaining, shallow, and totally unpredictable …  I expect him to win the nomination.

That said, if it’s Donald vs. Hillary … he gets my vote … in this case better the devil that I don’t know … at least he offers some prospect of an upside.

But, to be clear, Trump vs. Clinton isn’t what I’m talking about re: David vs. Goliath … that would be Goliath vs. Godzilla.


I’m talking diminutive Marco vs. gargantuan Donald ….


Last night, finally, Marco (David) started sling-shotting some stones at Trump (Goliath).

He let loose with an opp-research cannon: illegal immigrant employees, Trump University fraud, bankruptcies.  The whole ball of wax.

He even mocked him for firing Dennis Rodman, and for his shallow healthcare thinking.

Trump was ready with his haymaker: “The guy is a choke artist.”

After all, it worked against Jeb (“low energy”) and Cruz (“a liar”).

“Choke artist” should stick, right?

Maybe it will, but I think Rubio did a nice job with his “who’s repeating himself now?” line … and may have extemporaneously coined a damning gesture that just may counter Trump’s middle finger to the establishment.

When Trump kept going back to his “circles around states” line (meaning that health insurance can’t be sold across state lines) … Marco started making circles in the air while counter punching with “Is that all you have? Circles around states?”

Let’s see which one sticks: choke artist or circles around states.


Regardless, the fight has now begun.

There’s no telling what Trump will unleash against Rubio.

All that’s certain is that it’ll be nuclear – large-scale and very mean-spirited.

And, I expect the GOP establishment (think RNC, Jeb’s PAC, Mitt) to provide Marco with massive firepower.

Expect Trump’s tax returns to be center stage …

It may be too little too late for Marco-David … and the fight may be short-lived … but at least it’ll be a fight.



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One Response to “GOP: David vs. Goliath … let the games begin.”

  1. PibeGorilón (@Magilla7) Says:

    Great analysis. I share your views.

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