Forget smartphones, dumb phones are making a comeback …

No, it’s not because Apple may be forced to break the encryption in the terrorist’s iPhone.

There are plenty of other reasons.

According to the Financial Times

“There is a busy market for phones that are simple and cheap at a time when smartphones are becoming ever more complex and expensive.”

Strategy Analytics, a research group, estimates that 44 million “basic phones” were sold in 2015.




What’s driving the retro interest in dumb phones?


There is the usual cast of suspects:

Cheapskates: who don’t understand why anybody would pay a couple of hundred dollars for a phone.

Old Timers who value big buttons and loud audible over fancy features.

Parents who simply want to give younger children a way to call home.

Under-users who have figured out that they use a small fraction of their cell phone’s functionality, are frustrated by fast-draining batteries, and are worried that they will lose or break their fancy (and expensive) smartphones

Over-users … the folks who are glued to their smartphones (much to the dismay of friends & family) and concede that they need to be protected from themselves.


It’ll be interesting to see if the Apple-Feds flap will raise folks’ anxiety about privacy issues …

If you fret over the Feds tapping your phone data, the solution is obvious … simply dumb down.



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One Response to “Forget smartphones, dumb phones are making a comeback …”

  1. Bob Heflin Says:

    All of your reasoning is valid- or at least most. My wife and I are true OF’s and both have IPhones.
    There is unfortunately another reason for “dumb phones” – drug dealers
    They are cheap, available in supermarkets for cash, almost impossible to trace and can be thrown away after just a few uses- sad but unfortunately true- Da Cuz

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