In the air: Why are the cabin attendants smiling?

Let me give you a couple of choices:

(a) Smiling is dictated by employer

(b) Fundamentally happy with job & pay

(c) Something else

According to a survey of 718 British cabin attendants by UK The Telegraph, the answer is (c) – something else.

The survey asked the cabin attendants if they had ever broken any of the airlines’ rules.

9 out of 10 answered to the affirmative.




Most of the violations were relatively minor – e.g. accepting tips.

But, some were doozies.


Leading the pack: 1 in 5 cabin attendants admitted to having “indulged in sexual relations with a colleague during a flight”

Add to that,  14% said they had had in-flight sexual encounters with passengers.

Whoa, Nellie.

Though there may be some double-counting, that bumps the number up to about 1 in 3.


Bottom line:

The survey might not be projectable to the U.S. but …

Next flight, if a steward or stewardess is smiling like a Cheshire cat, it’s fair game to wonder why.



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One Response to “In the air: Why are the cabin attendants smiling?”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I thought I’d heard everything – but this is a doozie!

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