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Happy Labor Day !

September 3, 2018

Time to reflect…

The unemployment rate is below 4%.

Black unemployment is at an all time low

Wages have started  to creep up.

And, according to a recent Harris poll, blue collar job satisfaction is over 80%.

Thanks to all who do the work so that I can sit back and enjoy my retirement.


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Survey: Over 2/3’s of employees are motivated and satisfied with their jobs …

April 12, 2016

Yesterday, we posted a survey that reported half of all employees would tell friends and family not to come work from their employer.



I got curious and dug a little deeper …


Study: “Don’t come here to work !”

April 11, 2016

A recently reported study of 1,015 LinkedIn users “sought insights into how organizations attract, engage, motivate as well as retain workers and build the kind of workplace that employees promote.”

The headline conclusion: “About half of workers wouldn’t recommend their organization to a friend or family member searching for a job.”


What’s their beef?


In the air: Why are the cabin attendants smiling?

March 11, 2016

Let me give you a couple of choices:

(a) Smiling is dictated by employer

(b) Fundamentally happy with job & pay

(c) Something else

According to a survey of 718 British cabin attendants by UK The Telegraph, the answer is (c) – something else.

The survey asked the cabin attendants if they had ever broken any of the airlines’ rules.

9 out of 10 answered to the affirmative.




Most of the violations were relatively minor – e.g. accepting tips.

But, some were doozies.