Study: “Don’t come here to work !”

A recently reported study of 1,015 LinkedIn users “sought insights into how organizations attract, engage, motivate as well as retain workers and build the kind of workplace that employees promote.”

The headline conclusion: “About half of workers wouldn’t recommend their organization to a friend or family member searching for a job.”


What’s their beef?


The prevalent theme among non-recommenders: Bad culture and low engagement.

According to a Deloitte survey “Employee engagement and culture are now business issues, not just topics for HR to debate.”

Study respondents felt more engaged with their organizations when:

  • They believed their jobs provided them with the opportunity for continual learning;
  • They could make a positive impact through their jobs;
  • The work they do is important to them; and
  • Their jobs are challenging.


So, are employees “engaged”?

The American Psychological Association does an annual survey on Work & Well-being.

Their latest survey reports that about 1/4 of employees say that they are highly engaged in their work …. about 1/4 say that their level of engagement is poor.

Employee Engagement


Well, half of all companies now think that culture and engagement is the most important issue that they face.

It’s not clear from the study if the 50% of employees all come from the 50% of companies that think they have a problem.

Engagement is a 2-way street, right?



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