Mar-a-Lago: Here’s a grand irony for you …

NY Times decided to take a shot at Trump’s opulence in a piece titled: A King in His Castle

Here’s an excerpt to set the context …

Everything seemed to sparkle at the Mar-a-Lago estate here on a recent afternoon.

The sun glinted off the pool and the black Secret Service S.U.V.s in the circular driveway.

Palm trees rustled in a warm breeze, croquet balls clicked and a security guard stood at the entrance to Donald J. Trump’s private living quarters.

You can always tell when the king is here.

Mar-a-Lago is where Mr. Trump comes to escape, entertain and luxuriate in a Mediterranean-style manse.  

The king was returning that day to his Versailles, a 118-room snowbird’s paradise that will become a winter White House if he is elected president.




Mar-a-Lago was built 90 years ago by the cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Here’s where the grand irony comes in …


When she died in 1973, Mrs. Post left Mar-a-Lago to the United States government with the intent that it would become a presidential retreat.

But the upkeep proved too expensive, and ownership was transferred back to Mrs. Post’s daughters, who unloaded it to Mr. Trump for less than $10 million in 1985.

Now, flashback to the above NYT excerpt:

Mar-a-Lago “will become a winter White House if Mr. Trump is elected president.”

Rest in peace, Mrs. Post … your wish may be fulfilled after all.

How ironic …


Speaking of opulence, another story being reported today is that:

Sasha and Malia Obama Wore $20K Dresses to the Canada State Dinner

Hmmm.  Isn’t $40k about the median annual income for a family in the U.S.?

Apparently the Times doesn’t see any opulence there..

Gimme a break.



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3 Responses to “Mar-a-Lago: Here’s a grand irony for you …”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Prof. Homa there is a buried comment.
    “Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing. For official events of public or historic significance, such as a state visit, the first lady’s clothes may be given as a gift by a designer and accepted on behalf of the U.S. government. They are then stored by the National Archives.”

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    It doesn’t matter who pays for the stupid dresses – that kind of tacky opulence is reprehensible. Any so-called “First Lady” who clads herself – or her daughters – in such garments should be ashamed of herself. What a tacky standard to set. But I’m not surprised by anything from the present occupants of the White House. Fit for the National Archives? Give me a break …….

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