What percentage of Americans prepare their own taxes? How many of them like it?

Since we’re heading down the home stretch to Monday’s filing deadline …

According to Pew Research:

Overall, 33% of Americans say they do their own taxes while 56% say someone else prepares their taxes.

  • Note 1: 11% don’t know who does their taxes or were befuddled by the question
  • Note 2: The folks in the 11% get to vote in Presidential elections (ouch!)

A majority of Americans (56%) have a negative reaction to doing their income taxes 1 in 4  say they hate doing them.


Among those who dislike or hate doing their taxes, most cite the hassles of the process or the amount of time it takes:

About a third (34%) say they either like (29%) or love (5%) doing their taxes.

Here are some details re: the “likers” and lovers … 

Blacks are far more likely than whites to say they like doing their taxes (52% vs. 28%).

Overall, people with lower incomes are more likely to have a positive of view of doing their taxes than those with higher incomes.

The expectation of getting a refund is cited most often for why people like doing their taxes, but it is not the only factor.

  • 29% say that they are getting a refund
  • 17% say they just don’t mind it or they are good at it
  • 13% say doing their taxes gives them a sense of control
  • 13% cite a feeling of obligation – that it is their duty to pay their fair share

Bottom line: People who pay little or no taxes – and get a refund — think the process rocks.

People who pay taxes, not so much.

I’d like more info on the nitwits who don’t know whether they prepared their taxes or not ….

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