Is Hillary a woman of destiny?

First, let’s establish a basic point:

The killing of 5 police officers in Dallas is a horrific tragedy to their families, to the city and to the country,

The massacre may go down as a defining moment in American history.

Time will tell/


That said, can you imagine the likely bipolar reaction at Hillary’s campaign headquarters?

One one hand, I’m sure that they shared the heartfelt shock and grief that most Americans felt.


On the other hand …

Can you imagine the sigh of relief when there was nary a word about the Comey hearings on the news yesterday?

Nothing yesterday … probably won’t be anything today or tomorrow or the next day or the day after that.

A tragedy of monumental proportions has shifted the spotlight off of Hillary at a very opportune time.

I’ll skip the obvious tasteless cliche and just say:

For better or worse, maybe Hillary is a woman of destiny.

Think about it …



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