Friendly fire: Team Hillary blasts Comey.

Comey probably expected to be attacked from the right for his illogical decision – amassing a pile of evidence that he then summarily dismissed by parsing words (“extremely careless” vs. “gross negligence”), inserting criminal intent as a criteria (apparently never hearing of, say, negligent homicide) and channeling George Castanza: “Perjury? Is that wrong?”


But, since he slipped Hillary a stay-out-of-jail-free card, I doubt that he was expecting to be attacked from the left.

Silly boy.

Quickly, Team Hillary moved from defense to offense …



First, the Washington Post ran an op-ed by Matthew Miller – a former director of DOJ’s public affairs office under Eric Holder.

Title of the piece was James Comey’s abuse of power.

I was expecting the guy to point out that Comey should have simply presented the evidence and let the prosecutors do the prosecuting.


Miller’s central premise was that Comey – since he let Hillary off the hook – had no right to present a litany of  half-baked circumstantial evidence.

How would you feel if you were innocent of any wrong-doing and a sloppy, indiscriminate fact-finder started airing your inconsequential dirty laundry.

Shame on you, Mr. Comey.


Piling on, Team Hillary started reprising their original talking points.

Facts be damned, there were no emails that were specifically marked classified at the time that they were sent or received.

Don’t throw arcane classification symbols at us, Mr. Comey … show us the word “classified” on the documents.

No reasonable person would expect the Secretary of State to know all of the classification symbols.

And, disregard that document she signed saying that she understood the law re: handling classified material … and the legal consequences.

She had to sign so many things that she couldn’t possibly read them all.  Get serious, Mr. Comey.

Say, what?


Finally, when Wolf Blitzer – CNN’s journalistic attack dog (<= sarcasm)– sheepishly asked Hillary about Comey’s ruling, she asserted: Mr. Comey made many assertions that are based on solely on supposition.

“My record as Secretary of State demonstrates that protected classified information and the security of the country”.

English translation: There is no direct evidence that any of the information from my emails is in the hands of enemy agents. You said yourself, Mr. FBI Director.

So, Mr. Comey, prove it … or STFU.



Comey probably didn’t expect that the proverbial dog would eat the hand that fed it the stay-out-of-jail card.

But, it did.

Comey tried to give everybody half-a-loaf.

He may have ndicted Hillary  politically by airing her carelessness and lies, but he let her off the legal hook.

As the saying goes, he might have been “too clever by half”… and simply angered both sides.

Comey said that his 2 life priorities are his family and his reputation.

Now, he might want to just focus on his family …



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