Smoking Gun: Have you read the Benghazi Report?

Apparently the FBI didn’t since the Benghazi Report provides a detailed case-relevant linkage to the damage sowed by Clinton’s email “carelessness”.

In previous posts, I concluded that Comey ruled illogically because he didn’t want to tilt a potentially historic election.

For months, left-leaners were crying “foul” … asserting that the DOJ shouldn’t get involved in cases involving high profile candidates in election years … especially if the charges are as trivial as carelessly giving our enemies a backdoor into our nation’s top secret information.

What if that classified information led to the death of an American ambassador and 3 members of his “off-the-books” security detail?

Still just trivial oversight?


Just in case you haven’t had a chance to read the Benghazi Report …

Neither the left- nor right-leaning media echo chambers seem to have landed on what, in my opinion, may be the case study that best demonstrates why Hillary Clinton’s email “carelessness” was a big deal … a life or death situation.

Note to left-leaning readers: This post will be more balanced than you might expect.



I’ll provide some details and  links below …. for now, the bottom line:

Though Clinton was hawkish on US involvement in Libya (to oust Gadaffi), she lost the argument and was relegated to implementing Obama’s “lead from behind” and “no boots on the ground” policies.

Accordingly, the State Department under-protected the diplomats (e.g. Ambassador Stevens) who were tasked to “connect” with the anti-Gadaffi rebels.

Said differently, the Presidential Policy disallowed any overt military security for the diplomats … i.e. no marines deployed before or during the attack.

My take: Clinton – who I hold in very low regard – was just implementing the Administration’s “no boots” policy.

She argued the contrary to Obama, but lost the argument … she could have resigned, but that would have been politically inopportune for the Dems in the run-up to the 2012 election.  Instead, she dutifully implemented.

Following the attack, Clinton tried to provide air cover for her boss, pitching the fraudulent video defense ad nauseam.

Of course, politicos lying to the American public isn’t exactly new news…

So, again, I’ll give her a pass for being a good team player.

Here’s where things go off-track for Clinton.

According to the Benghazi Report …

There were numerous emails on her home-brew email system that spoke explicitly to the lack of military security for the diplomats and provided details re: the diplomats travel schedules – when and where the diplomats would be, and how little protection they’d have.

Any reasonable person would consider those nuggets to be classified information … even if they weren’t “marked classified at the time that I sent or received them”.

Assuming that the non-secure email system was compromised (a fair assumption, I think) … then the diplomats were sitting ducks.

But,  there wasn’t any direct evidence uncovered that Hillary intended to make them sitting ducks … so, harm, but no foul, right?


Here’s some detail from the Benghazi Report that’s worth reading for “texture” and context….


From Section III of the Benghazi Report:

John Christopher Stevens arrived in Benghazi, Libya on April 5, 2011, in the midst of a civil war.

Ambassador Stevens traveled to Benghazi from Malta by Greek cargo ship with $60,000 in currency and an eight-member Diplomatic Security protective detail.

Stop right there.

Rather than travelling in navy ships and boats, Stevens and his team were MacGyver-like clandestines who were stowed away in a cargo ship.

Say, what?

According to Tel Aviv-based journalist Aaron Klein:

This unusual method was not how Stevens intended to arrive in Benghazi.

The Obama administration’s “no boots on the ground” decision prevented Stevens from being backed up by the military during his initial stay.

Weeks before his departure to Benghazi, Stevens traveled to Stuttgart, Germany to meet with General Carter F. Ham, commander of the United States Africa Command [AFRICOM], to “discuss the trip into Libya, including any potential rescue operations.”

Stevens discussed with Hamm and other top Pentagon officials an original plan to travel to Benghazi with the military:

Stevens requested travelling to Benghazi on a “helicopter to a coalition naval vessel that can go close to shore,” and then “zodiac transport from ship to shore” for “day trips only, returning to the naval vessel to RON [rest overnight].”

No go.

Stowaway on a cargo ship and and take along a couple of armed civilians.



Continuing on with the Benghazi Report …

Stevens’ only instruction was to begin establishing contact with Libyan opposition forces seeking to overthrow the government of the Colonel Muammar Qadhafi.

There was no military support for Stevens’ arrival because of President Barack H. Obama’s “no boots on the ground” policy, no protocol and no precedent to guide his activities, and no physical facility to house him and his team.

No military support and no physical facility …

Lacking military support, the report documents Stevens initial decision to stay at the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi.

The lead Diplomatic Security Agent who traveled with Stevens into Benghazi testified:

The Tibesti Hotel had limited setback and “rudimentary barriers to control access.”

The hotel was a “high-risk security environment,” including nearby explosions and a bullet round that made its way into the dining room while Stevens was present.

So, Stevens and his team stayed on the move.

Unfortunately, most of their moves were clearly documented in emails traversing through Clinton’s low-security home server.

“The emails contained the whereabouts of Stevens, including threats to his safety”.

For example, one email said that “The situation in Ajdabiyah has worsened to the point where Stevens is considering departure from Benghazi.”

English translation: time was of the essence … a call to action for bad guys.

Bottom line: Highly sensitive information – that likely bulls-eyed Ambassador Stevens – processed via a renegade email system that was immently hackable.

That’s a problem.

Apparently, one that the FBI missed …



Adam Klein: “The Obama Policy That Left Ambassador Chris Stevens Defenseless In Benghazi” … worth reading; inspired this post … click to view

House Select Committee on Benghazi Report … Section III is well worth reading.

I. Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi

II. Internal and Public Government Communications about the Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi

III. Events Leading to the Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi

IV. Compliance with Congressional Investigations

V. Recommendations



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