Polls: From whom do Johnson & Stein take votes?

Short answer: Disproportionately from Hillary.


According to the latest NBC / Survey Monkey poll (<= gotta love the ‘Survey Monkey””’ part, right?):

No bounceback for Trump … he still trails Hillary by 8 in a head-to-head match-up …. 50 to 42.



Here’s what I find most interesting …. the 4-way race.


I haven’t been paying much attention to this cut …

Johnson & Stein draw a combined 16%.

Where’s it coming from?

Well, Hillary drops 14% (7 percentage points) … from 50% to 43%

Donald drops 10% (4 percentage points) … from 42% to 38%

Also, note that in the head-to-head, 8% are undecided.

In the 4-way, only 3% are undecided.

Bottom line: Johnson & Stein draw45% of their votes from Hillary, 30% from undecideds and only 25% from Trump.

Not exactly the conventional pundit wisdom …





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