Polls: A “none of the above” election?

Spotted an interesting analysis of a recent Monmouth poll …

Cutting to the chase, the likely voter poll is split roughly in thirds with respect to candidate favorability:

Only about 1/3 view Hillary favorably, less than that view Trump favorably and slightly more than a third view neither candidate favorably.


Note that the “neither” is multiples higher than in past elections.

Previously, there was partisan divide, but partisans at least liked their candidates.


These numbers are consistent with the most recent WSJ poll:

Dissatisfaction with the two main candidates is at historic levels:  37% of Democrats said they would have preferred that somebody other than Mrs. Clinton become the Democratic nominee, and a resounding 52% of Republicans said they would have preferred somebody other than Mr. Trump.

My take: I think the “neither” numbers are grossly understated.

I don’t think that I’ve run into a single person – on either end of the political spectrum – who is enthralled by their side’s candidate.  Not a one.

Most people seem more motivated to vote against a candidate … than vote for one.

Wonder if that will be enough motivation to get people to the polls?

Political pundit Charlie Cook opines that “fear and hatred are the strongest emotions in politics” and motivate voter turnout.

Apathy tends to suppress turnout.

He doesn’t say what “disgust” does.

We’ll see



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