Noonan: “Can Anxiety Beat Depression in November?”

Another interesting Noonan piece in today’s WSJ

Peggy Noonan observes that there may be a deep psychological dynamic underlying the 2016 presidential race … it centers on depression and anxiety:

Mrs. Clinton is depression:

You know exactly who she is, what trouble she brings — she always brings that sack full of scandal — and you know deep down that she won’t make anything better.


Mr. Trump is anxiety:

If you back him you know you’re throwing the long ball, a real Hail Mary pass to the casino developer and reality TV star who may or may not know how to catch the ball when catching the ball means everything.

But he’s entertaining—he scrambles all categories, makes things chaotic.

He has fun with his audience.

Noonan’s conclusion: “in America anxiety beats depression because it’s the more awake state”.  I guess that favors Hillary.

But, as Trump would say “What the hell do you have to lose?”



Happy Labor Day !



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