FBI: Hillary evaded indictment using the ‘Steve Martin Defense’…

By now, you should have heard that – during her FBI interview – Hillary had trouble recalling many details.

Details such as whether she gave or got state department guidance on email policy.

More of the “I can’t recall” items are listed at the end of this post

For the record, she signed a statement stating that she understood the rules & consequences … and emailed her minions about the importance of following the policy to the letter.

Easily forgotten, right?

And, she told the FBI that she could not recall any briefing after her December 2012 fall that left her with a concussion.

Say, what?

That’s presidential timber for you …


Frankly, I expected Hillary to plead the ‘George Castanza Defense’ … just asking “was that wrong?”

Nope she went the Steve Martin route.

In a famous skit, Martin tips people how to get a million dollars tax-free.

His advice:

First, get a million dollars and don’t pay taxes.

Then, when the IRS calls, tell them “I forgot … I forgot to pay taxes.”

Martin  offers the same advice for bank robbery and other transgressions.

Click to view the 3-minute clip … it’s really funny.



Also, for the record,  here’s a list of other things that Clinton could not recall in the FBI interview:


Clinton claimed that she couldn’t recall:

  • When & how she received security clearance
  • Whether she was ever briefed on how to handle classified material
  • How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
  • Whether she was ever briefed on how to handle very top-secret “Special Access Program” material
  • Whether she was ever briefed on how to select a target for a drone strike
  • How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices
  • The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
  • Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
  • Receiving any emails she thought should not be on the private system
  • Whether she gave her staff direction to create private email account
  • Whether she got guidance from the state department on email policy
  • Who had access to her Blackberry account
  • The process for deleting her emails
  • Whether anyone besides Huma Abedin was offered an account on the private server
  • Whether she was sent information on state government private emails being hacked
  • Whether she sent or received cables on State Dept personnel securing personal email accounts
  • Whether she ever used an iPad mini
  • The contents of an Oct. 13, 2012, email exchange on Egypt with Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal
  • Knowledge of State Department protocol for confirming classified information in media reports
  • Every briefing she received after suffering concussions
  • Being notified of a FOIA request on Dec. 11, 2012
  • Being ‘read out’ of her clearance

The AP says: It is a “time-honored tradition in Washington scandals” to claim one doesn’t recall as they were busy being busy Washington officials.

Gimme a break…



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