CNN: Dissing it’s own poll results … why?

Answer: This morning, CNN released poll results – Trump 45, Clinton 43%

I’ve had CNN on background this morning … kudos to CNN for releasing the numbers … but, it has been hysterical listening to the CNN anchors and poli-shills try to minimize the turnaround reported in their own poll.


Let’s run through the numbers ….

Among likely voters,  Trump leads 45 to 43 … Trump upped his numbers by 4 points, Hilary dropped by 1 point.

Technical note: CNN shifted its polling from registered to likely voters … the latter is commonly regarded as most relevant




Digging a bit deeper ….


Consistent with the above numbers, Trumps favorability is now 2 points higher than Hillary’s: 45% to 42%.

A majority stills views each of the candidates unfavorably … Trump’s unfavorability is down a tad, Hillary’s a up a click.




50% rate Trump as a “strong & decisive leader” … only 42% rate Hillary as such

Similarly,  50% rate Trump as “more honest & trustworthy” … only 35% rate Hillary as such.

Hillary gets the nod on “better handle as commander in chief” … 50% to 45%

And, she get’s the temperament nod 56% to 36%




My take:

The email & Foundation scandals are taking a toll on Hillary … whose hideaway strategy may be backfiring … e.g. putting Biden out on the campaign trail isn’t boosting Hillary – it’s making folks shake their heads and ask “why isn’t he running?”

Trump is just out-hustling Clinton.

He has been to Louisiana, Mexico, Detroit … and points in between.

He has been visible and hasn’t done anything crazy in the past week or so,

This is getting interesting …



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