Commander-in-Chief: Clinton or Trump?

NBC: “Trump comfortably earns the support of military-affiliated voters overall 55% to 36%”.


What a week.

CNN reports a poll with Trump leading Clinton.

Then yesterday, NBC released a poll of military personnel & veterans.

My hunch: NBC was expecting Clinton to win that poll … and probably planned to headline the results in last night’s commander-in-chief forum.



Here’s the rub:

While Hillary holds a slim lead across the broad base of registered voters, Trump wins big — by 19 points — among current military & veterans.image


Drilling down, a majority of military folks are confident of Trump’s “ability to be commander–in-chief”.

Not so for Hillary.

Only about 30% of military folks are confident of Clinton’s ability to be commander–in-chief.



P.S. I watched the entire NBC commander-in-chief forum last night.

Here’s my take …


NBC’s commander-in-chief forum.

  1.  I thought that Lauer did a pretty good job grilling both candidates with relevant questions.  I expected him to toss Hillary soft-balls and pummel Trump .  He missed follow-up opportunities with both candidates, but I thought did a fair job.
  2. Biggest omission was failing to ask Hillary any questions about Benghazi … especially when she declared “no American lives lost in the military action”.  Nice parsing, but what about the aftermath.
  3. As expected Hillary came across as scripted by pollsters, speech writers and lawyers.  Every response was canned and parsed.  She seemed uneasy when thrown off the script.  The debates will be interesting.
  4. Hillary introduced the new  “everybody knows that all classified materials have a header declaring it as such at the top.”  Not so according to documents she signed and Comey’s ruling.
  5. Yeah, Trump is shallow on the issues, but he didn’t explode and didn’t make any fatal gaffes as far as I could tell.
  6. Trump did a nice job of making the debate less about him and more about Hillary’s record.
  7. Clinton is boxed on the “good judgment” issue.  Her argument: Emails were a mistake in judgment, Iraq vote was a mistake in judgment … people learn from mistakes … I must have good judgment now because of all the big mistakes I’ve made that I’ve been able to learn from.  I wouldn’t want to be pitching that line.
  8.  On balance, I think that Trump didn’t hurt himself … and Hillary didn’t help herself.  So, call it a draw … which is the best that Trump could have been hoping for.

P.P.S. Somehow, Matt Lauer forgot to mention his network’s survey results.

Simple oversight?



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4 Responses to “Commander-in-Chief: Clinton or Trump?”

  1. Sam Says:

    I respectfully disagree, prof.

    Let’s highlight some of the things he said:

    1. Leaving “certain people” to take the oil of a sovereign nation? (how you would do that he didn’t say, not to mention it would be against the Geneva convention)
    2. Preferring Putin over Obama? (because he is “strong” and has 82% approval in “polls”. Yes – that’s what dictators tend to have. How can any “patriot” be ok with a presidential candidate saying this?)
    3, Standing by his comments about rape in the military? (Yes, its the womens fault?)
    4. Showing that his ‘bulletproof plan’ to defeat ISIS is to ask the generals for their plan? (the same generals he called an embarrassment to the world, btw)
    5. He was for the Iraq war – his proof was an Esquire article from 2004. (Iraq war started in 2003 and its been well documented that this is a lie)

    Trumps bar is apparently very low if you think he didn’t hurt himself, prof. Please read the transcript of what he actually said and then tell me it was anything but lunacy and/or complete gibberish.

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    Sam’s comments are weak – even irrelevant. Hillary’s “I don’t recall” and her “I don’t remember”s have proven she has a damaged brain from her concussion or simply reinforces her known penchant for lying. Either way who could vote for an incompetent or a compromised “leader” subject to blackmail – or worse! GO TRUMP! Whatever his shortcomings he will build a team of the best American has to offer in every sphere. How else did he succeed in the business world? He’ll do the same for America.
    PS Mark Levin will vote for him as the lesser of two evils. If nothing else just think what kind of Supreme Court justices they would appoint!

  3. Kate D Says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. TTK Says:

    Mr. Baker, Trump succeeded by inheriting money and access from his father. He screws over small business owners through litigation and walks away from broken deals with his pockets stuffed. And we all know he has nothing approaching the $10B he claims – which is one reason he won’t show us his taxes.

    His children are the top executives at his company and his campaign. There do not seem to be ANY top political or business people drawn to working with him. God help us if he does the same thing to America.

    Listen to Bloomberg. You’ve been conned.

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