Is Hillary’s bump from the debates or Aleppo ?

This stuck me as interesting …

Trump had a bad week … bombing the debate and chasing Miss Piggy around.

And, apparently, Hillary got a post-debate bump.

Note: The “apparently” … LA Times survey still has Trump up … and there has been a curious lack of so-called “scientific polls released since the debate.  Hmmm.

Let’s cut numbers a slightly different way ….

Over the past week or so, Clinto has gained about 2 points in the 4-way polls.

During that same period, Johnson & Stein have fallen from a combined 12% to under 10%.

That’s roughly 2 points, right?



Also during that time, Johnson plead the 5th on Aleppo and had trouble naming a world leader – any world leader.

Could Hillary’s gain be more Aleppo than the debates?

Counterintuitive, but maybe the debates didn’t really change the landscape very much.



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