Flashback: Wish Pence & Kaine were top-of-tickets …

After the debate, it  seems appropriate to reprise an old post.

First, he original post from July … then, some debate snippets.


Both seem rational & hard-working  with some degree of moderation …  history of working across the aisle.


Sure, they’re boring … and my favorite (Pence) would probably lose …  but I’d sure feel better about the election.


Let’s update that a bit …

I’d still prefer either of these guys at the top of the tickets, but now …

I think my guy would win … his conservative views would be a lightning rod, but the dude has enough gravitas to win.

In fact, of all the candidates (including Johnson & Stein), Pence plays as the only adult in the room.


My favorite tweet from last night:


Many others  compared Kaine to a yipping dog and suggested that he stay off caffeine.


Most substantial point raised:

Obama / Clinton pulled all troops from Iraq because they couldn’t (wouldn’t negotiate a status of forces agreement.

But, Obama has reinserted American troops without a SOFA agreement.

Certainly weakens their case.


Point that Trump should hammer:

“Look at Pence … I surround myself with good people.”


Since Pence won big, MSM is dismissing the debate as unimportant … kinda like Ohio when it swung to Trump



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One Response to “Flashback: Wish Pence & Kaine were top-of-tickets …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    A quick point on SOFA. This kind of deal is VERY important to the military leaders involved. My bet is that they, not Obama/Clinton, were the primary motivators in pulling out over a SOFA. I also bet it was designed to be a negotiating tactic. I also bet that is there is some secret deal that takes the place of a formal SOFA. I cannot believe the US military would go back in without some arrangement.

    And BTW, surrounding yourself with good people, even if true, does not make you a good person, particularly if you have an established record of ignoring advice.

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