VP Debate: Déjà vu all over again …

Anybody remember Biden vs. Ryan?


As I was watching Tim Kaine make a butt of himself Tuesday night, a little voice was asking “Haven’t I seen this before?”

Answer: you bet … 4 years ago when sitting VP Biden went at it with Paul Ryan.



Apparently, Biden is Kaine’s role model ….



If the memory has faded for you, here’s a recap from the very left-leaning Guardian:

In the normal course of events, vice-presidential debates, much like vice-presidents themselves, don’t particularly matter.

And this may well prove to be the case with Thursday night’s confrontation in Kentucky.

But if it is, it won’t be for lack of trying on the part of Joe Biden.

Biden’s high-energy performance was part angry bar-room debater, part condescending elder uncle, part comic mime artist.

It’s dispiriting, of course, that political discourse should have been reduced to such displays of alpha-male dominance.

Biden is an incorrigible ham.

On the split-screen, while Ryan spoke, he could be seen grinning, chuckling, shaking his head, throwing his hands to the skies or hanging his head in exaggerated disbelief, a widely varying sequence of gestures that all amounted to “can you believe this guy?”

Dems widely praised Biden’s performance … and apparently saved the playbook for use this year.

The problem: Kaine is no Biden.

Here’s a link to a short video – the best (or worst?) of Biden’s performance.



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