Who is Dr. John Gruber?

Trump referenced him in the debate as an ObamaCare architect.

Why the shout out?

Let’s flashback to a November 2014 post ….


Even if you believe that “the end justifies the means”, this has gotta make your skin crawl.

Some background: Prof. Jonathan Gruber is an MIT economist who helped on RomneyCare in Massachusetts and was one of the primary architects of ObamaCare.

He was caught on video  speaking quite frankly about the crafting of ObamaCare.

His basic message:

“The bill was written in a tortured way … to be sure that the CBO didn’t score the mandate as a tax …  otherwise the bill would die … so, it was written to do that.

With regards to the subsides … if people figured out that healthy pay in to give sick people money, it wouldn’t have passed … lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.

Basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or what … that was critical to getting the bill to pass … yeah, it would be better to be transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Watch the video … it’s even more chilling to hear Prof. Gruber say the words: Obfuscate and bank on American stupidity.

How do these guys sleep at night?



P.S. Another Gruber video will get wide play in the next couple of months.

He’s on tape saying that the specific language in the bill that only provided subsidies for folks going through state exchanges was intentional to motivate states to build exchanges,

Now, ObamaCare supporters are claiming it was just a typo that didn’t represent intent.

Well, the Supreme Court has signed on to settle the matter … with life & death consequence for ObamaCare.

This is gonna get interesting …



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One Response to “Who is Dr. John Gruber?”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    John Roberts’ tortured analysis of the Affordable Care Act gave us Obamacare. And he was a Republican appointee. Just imagine the Supreme Court Justices Hillary is planning to appoint! If for no other reason VOTE TRUMP! If we get half of what Trump wants to do the country will be better off than if we get 100% of what Hillary wants to do. God help us

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