Game on: Debate shines a light on another disgusting tape.

This one has been hiding in plain sight for a long time.

I’d been wondering why this tape has largely gone unnoticed by folks.

Maybe, because it’s damning to Hillary, not Donald?

Well, it’s likely to get noticed now.


In one of his tirades about Clintonian women abuse, Trump landed a body blow:

“One of the women, who is a wonderful woman, at 12 years old, was raped at 12,” Trump said. “Her client she (Clinton) represented got him off, and she’s heard laughing (on tape) on two separate occasions, laughing at the girl who was raped.”



According to the Washington Post

The attack on Clinton has less to do with the fact that she defended an accused rapist and more to do with how she did it and what she said about the case later

Specifically, it focuses on her efforts to attack the girl’s credibility and allegations that she spoke callously about getting the man a reduced charge, despite appearing to suggest he had been guilty.

The attack plays into twin allegations about Clinton’s character:

1) That she lacks a moral compass and will do whatever is advantageous to her, and

2) That she’s a hypocrite who says one thing today about sexual assault but did the opposite decades ago.


Here are few more snippets from the Washington Post’s recap of the story …


Did I mention that there’s a damning audio tape?

You can (and should) listen to it.

The Post’s Fact Checkers cite four key moments in the tapes in which Clinton laughed about the process and the outcome:

“Of course he [the defendant] claimed he didn’t [rape]. All this stuff. He took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” (Both Clinton and the reporter laugh)

“So I got an order to see the evidence and the prosecutor didn’t want me to see the evidence. I had to go to Maupin Cummings [the judge] and convince Maupin that yes indeed I had a right to see the evidence before it was presented. (Clinton laughs lightly between “evidence” and “before”)

•“I handed it [a biography of her expert witness] to [prosecutor] Mahlon Gibson, and I said, ‘Well this guy’s ready to come up from New York to prevent this miscarriage of justice.’” (Clinton laughs, as does the reporter)

•“So [judge] Maupin had to, you know — under law he was supposed to determine whether the plea was factually supported. Maupin asked me to leave the room while he examined my client so that he could find out if it was factually supported. I said, ‘Judge I can’t leave the room I’m his lawyer!’ He said, ‘I know but I don’t want to talk about this in front of you.’” (Reporter says, “Oh God, really?” And they both laugh.)

Clinton’s comments — particularly about the passed polygraph — clearly seem to suggest she thought that man had gotten off easy for what he had done.

Gotten off easy for raping a 12- year old girl!

Also, according to the Post:

Clinton went after the character and mental state of Shelton. She wrote in an affidavit that Shelton should have undergone a psychiatric examination:

Clinton’s efforts to question the girl’s story and trustworthiness (contrast) with her comments on the campaign trail.

She has pitched herself as a longtime defender of women’s rights and suggested women who make such allegations should be believed.

Oh my …

Trump should have pushed her to apologize the to the woman.

Maybe that’ll happen today.

Game on, Hillary


Read the Post’s article and listen to the tape.



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One Response to “Game on: Debate shines a light on another disgusting tape.”

  1. Chasqui Says:

    A lawyer defending her client, imagine that!!

    Meanwhile, the Donald:

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