Will Hillary post for the 3rd debate?

Here are some debate predictions prompted by Axelrod’s tweet .


Late last week, Trump opined that both candidates should be drug tested before Wednesday’s debate … ostensibly, to make sure that Hillary’s not being propped up by chemical additives.

David Axlerod – Obama’s chief political strategist – countered with idea that Hillary should scratch from the debate card.


I don’t know which is the wilder idea: drug testing or scratching?


At least the latter started me thinking …

What does Hillary have to gain by showing up … or not?

If she doesn’t show up, rumors will immediately surface that she has another bout of pneumonia … or worse.


Or, all but the MSM will pound her: “How can we expect you to stand up to Putin if you can’t stand up to Trump … and Fox’s Chris Wallace?”

Double hmmm.

Advantage to to showing up.

But wait …

Let’s add one more piece and then connect the dots.


The WSJ ran an op-ed last week by Yale Prof. David Gelernter.

Here’s one of the lines that caught my eye:

Mrs. Clinton has told us proudly how thoroughly she prepared for the first debate and has prepared to be president.
For her, it is all a matter of learning your lines.

Think about that for a moment …


OK, now for the predictions:

1) Clinton will show up for the debate.

This is an easy one.

The downside risk of health rumors or leadership challenges are too great.


2) WikiLeaks will drop a bombshell on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Not another mosquito bite release. Something really big.

Hitting the internet too late for Hillary’s handlers to craft her lines … and rendering 5 days of off-the-road debate prep to be inoperative.


3) Chris Wallace will drill down on the new news.

Hillary will be playing her first away game. No Lester Holt serving up softballs.No Anderson Cooper determined to level Trump.. No Martha Raddatz joining the debate.

Wallace won’t let Clinton off with inartful dodges (let’s talk about the Russian hackers) … and he won’t let canned talking points fly.

The man makes a living off follow-up questions.


4) The Stepford Hillary will have to step aside for the real Hillary.

Either she’ll demonstrate her ability to think on her feet under pressure … and give compelling explanations … that come out of her brain, not out of a can

Or, she’ll exposed as less real than the Wizard of Oz.

Either way, we voters benefit, right?



Now that I think about it, maybe she’ll scratch close to post time.

It all depends on what Julian Assange drops in the next couple of days.

Could be interesting.



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