What do Americans fear the most?

The answer may surprise you and, for sure,  presents an ironic twist.


Chapman University does an annual survey of Americans’ fears

Here’s some quick background ….

The study queries on 11 “Domains of Fear”:



The study deep dives into specific fears within each domain:



OK, make your pick from the above list. 

What do Americans fear the most?


Drum roll ….

Here’s the top of the 2016 list …



Note that government corruption is at the top of the list … ObamaCare makes the top 10 and Climate Change / Global Warming doesn’t make the list.

The irony: America seems on its way to electing a President who is  thought to be dishonest by 2/3s of the citizenry …  and who vows to put ObamaCare on sterioids … and who who’s high on the Climate Change horse.

Go figure …

My take: The fears are right … the reactions are, suffice it say, ironic.


Just for yuks, here’s the bottom of the list:


It’ll be interesting to see where clowns score next year.

My bet: they stage a rally given recent scary clown incidents.



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