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Quick takes on the FBI re-opening Hillary-gate ….



Ironic that somebody who BleachBit 33,000 subpoenaed emails is now ranting the virtues of transparency.

Also ironic: a campaign that has centered on an opponent’s sexual indiscretions is rocked by revelations from another sexual indiscretion case involving a Weiner (that isn’t Bill’s).

P.S. Reports are that many of the 10,000+ emails are from the deleted 33,000 … perhaps, in the spirit of transparency, Hillary should release the 33,000 … gotta believe that there’s a stash of them somewhere.



After months of praising Comey’s impartiality and courage … Team Hillary now is complaining that he’s a political hack.

I guess that the original Grandma Homa was right: what goes around, comes around.



Conspiracy from the left: Predictable rants that Comey was just lying in wait to pounce at the right time and help Trump

Score that one far-fetched.

Conspiracy from the right:  Chatter that the FBI action is simply to draw attention away from bigger sins, e.g  the “Bill Clinton, Inc.) revelations of egregious pay-to-play – shaking down countries & companies for special state department treatment.

Score that one fetched.

Conspiracy from right: AG Lynch trying to squash investigation to protect Hillary.

Score that one certain since multiple sources report it.


The Issue

Finding more classified info doesn’t move the case forward.

So, Comey must think there’s either evidence of intent … or lying to the FBI.

Remember, it was the latter that put Scooter Libby in jail during the the Watergate fiasco.

Update: Huma told FBI that she had turned over all personal devices with the Hillary emails.



Likely outcome

Huma will get thrown under the bus (or, jump under the bus) and take the fall for mis-handling classified info … clear proof that she moved classified info to a non-secure system … and proof that  she fibbed to the FBI.

That won’t close the investigation … don’t forget that a video emerged of Hillary lecturing State Department personnel that using personal email for State business is a violation of policy and a crime if there’s classified info.  No number of “can’t recall” claims neutralize that one.  She knew it was a crime and did it anyway.  Comey can’t ignore that.

Hillary Clinton will be the first candidate to be elected President while under FBI investigation.

President Obama will pardon her on or about November 9 “for the good of the country”.

Keep in mind that Wiki revealed that Obama emailed Clinton on her private server address … sometimes using a Carlos-Danger-like alias.  OK, maybe he didn’t notice the email address, but … using an alias?  It’s in the President’s to pardon Hillary and stop the investigation.

When the pardon is issued, about half of the country will agree with Trump that the system is rigged.


Another shoe to drop?

I’m still expecting WikiLeaks to drop a real show-stopper.


You just can’t make this stuff up.



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